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// Adios Orkut!!!

Adios Orkut!!!

Adios Orkut!!!
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Yes. I have decided to stay on Orkut no more. Nothing planned or in haste. My time is worth much more to me and others. And guess who brought about this wake up call….its Dinky>> Chirag’s kid bro. Yes sometimes we forget that even something as insignificant as an ant can teach us something we can learn from.

On Chirag’s bir’day he asked me to change his login password so he wouldn’t be able to log in. He told me how he had been missing his studies and other stuffs just because of the addiction to Orkut. If a kid his age can be so mature…why cant I.

Orkut or any other social networking site doesnt achieve anything. Its just another “drug” pushed down the young generation. I could be doing so many kewl things rather than resting on my arse looking at shit scraps.

I am done…nd I am happy.

Adios Orkut!!!
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