Mani wins third prize in Nihongo Quiz Contest

Mani won the 3rd prize in the junior round at the 11th Nihongo Quiz Contest. This annual contest hosted by Nihongo Kaiwa Kyookai and Consulate General of Japan, Calcutta, provides a common platform for all students of the Eastern Zone to assess their language skills.

The competition held on 31st May, included students from Ramakrishna Mission and Indo-Japan Language Studies Society and others. It was hosted by Mrs. Purabi Ganguly aided by Ruma sensei and Nigam sensei. Mani was partnered by Mrs. Kalapi Dutta .

The competition included questions on basic vocabulary and phrases recognition skills and general knowledge quizzes on the cultural and political issues of Japan. It also included questions on one of the most fascinating aspects of the Japanese language – the kanji script – how each kanji character work together.

Mani is totally crazy about Japanese culture. She has been learning Japanese at the Ramakrishna Mission for around a year now. She always keeps talking bout Ruma sensei, who gets her so many Japanese goodies. She has helped her immensely with the study of hiragana/katakana and her conversation skills in the Japanese. Accidentally Nigam sensei, who was also there used to teach Mani’s mom when she used to study Japanese some 20 years back.

Guess this is a good beginning for the long miles ahead. Way to go!!

For more information please visit the Nihongo Kaiwa Kyookai, Consulate General of Japan, Calcutta

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