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Merlinvicki Blog Design v2.0
Merlinvicki Blog Design v2.0

I just finished doing a complete remodeling of my website. Its up for you all to see. I appreciate simplicity and I have tried to keep it as simple and sweet as possible. I am still shying away from flash but I did go for a more beautiful look this time around.

With version 1.0, I had tried to keep the page load time to bare minimums with background colors, text links and repeater images. V2.0 is a bit heavier but i think its loads pretty quick on a 256k connection.

The first version wasn’t coded properly to change the design easily. With the new layout I can do a complete changeover in half a day. Also the new design will be featuring lots of new widgets and stuffs, I have been thinking of including to add that personal touch. Stay tuned, some sections still in progress. Some stuffs are not ready yet. More news coming up… maybe today, maybe tomorrow. Keep checking….

For those who didn’t see the v1.0 design here’s a screen-grab ( not that its worth showcasing 😛 )

My Blog as it was in 2005


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