Kenrokuen Garden

The illuminated Kenrokuen Garden

Today I visit the lovely Kenroku-en garden in Kanazawa. In the dark winter evenings the garden is illuminated and the glowing trees, enveloped in the strings of Yuki-tsuri look ever so enchanting.

This weekend Mani & I head off to the gasshō-zukuri villages of Gokayama On the way we planned to stop at the lovely Kenroku-en garden, located in Kanazawa, Ishikawa The Kenroku-en garden is regarded as one of Japans three most beautiful gardens, along with Kairaku-en in the city of Mito and Koraku-en in the city of Okayama Ride to Kanazawa After two solo trips to Shirahama and Nachi, I was bubbling with confidence I was ready with the train information as we reached Osaka from Nara Mani had taught me well We took the Thunderbird train from Kyoto This route does not run any Shinkansen trains The Thunderbird limited express trains

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