Viki Pandit
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I'm Viki Pandit
CSS Artist // World Traveller

I create web stuffs

My Travels
Web Design
Ui/Ux Design
12.9716 77.5946 Based In Bangalore
//Words About
CSS Artist

A techie on weekdays

I am a Web designer and developer from Bangalore, India. Creating user interfaces is my passion. My skills include extensive use and knowledge of PHP, CSS, jQuery and HTML5. I've built websites for clients from all over the world.

Responsive Web Design

My designs are user focused keeping in mind the challenges of todays multi device consumption.

Accessible Websites

The Web is fundamentally designed to work for all people. My handcoded websites are so coded that people with disabilities can also use them.

SEO Ready

I am up to date with the latest SEO requirements like using microformats and Rich text data that can propel the visibilty of your website on Search Engines.

Wordpress Themes

I create WordPress® themes using Bootstrap framework which allows for rapid development of a theme saving time and money.


From my Vlog

I have made it my purpose in life to travel the world as much as I can. It sounds like a an impossible dream but what is life without an impossible dream. Come with me as I search for some memorable experiences!

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//How I Work

My Journals

A traveller on weekends

I love to explore, travel to faraway places and learn about different cultures.

  • Hike to Avani Betta

    The vivid blue skies of Bangalore pushed me out of the cozy sanctity of my home towards this little known hillock in Avani. Just about 80 km away from the bustling city of Bangalore this site finds its name in the legendary tale of Ramayana. Yes, this hill, hidden far away from away from the casual tourists is said to be the location of the ancient ashram of sage Valmiki, who sheltered Sita during her exile, where she gave birth to Luv & Kush.

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  • Exploring the Ramalingeswara Temple

    Today we go to explore a Shiva temple raised to cleanse the sins of Rama and his brothers. The Avani village forms an intricate part of the story of Ramayana, as the birthplace of Luv & Kush. The shivalings at the Ramalingeshwara Temple here is said to be established by the Ayodhya princes themselves to absolve them of their sins of waging war against the twin adolescents.

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  • Heritage walk to Vittala Temple

    Today I go on a heritage walk to the majestic Vittala Temple, dedicated to Vitthala, the South India name of Vishnu. Built around the 15th Century CE, and expanded several times by succeeding kings of the Vijaynagar empire with the most extravagant architecture and exceptional craftsmanship, the temple is the main attraction of Hampi.

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Want to interest me in a Project? I am all ears, especially if you have coffee.

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