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I'm Viki Pandit
WordPress Developer // WANDERER

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My Recent Travels

A wide-eyed wanderer

I have a little dream to travel to faraway places. A world where sturdy oaks lean over and guide me on wandering trails. Where ruined monuments take me back in time and where the mountains hide me in their solitude. A place of peace and calm. I want to stay a little longer, walk a little further in this wide emptiness that fills the soul.

The cards below list some of my recent adventures.


My Footprints on Earth

Earth is no heaven but if heaven existed I can assume that I have found pieces of it. Through my wanderings, I have traversed breathtaking landscapes, beheld astonishing feats of human ingenuity, and gained wisdom from the ancient inscriptions gracing prehistoric rocks. Each pin on the map below signifies a milestone in my journey towards unearthing these scattered treasures, inspiring me to seek out more of these divine fragments.


From my Vlog

Time in its ceaseless flow destroyes all created things and drowns them in the depths of obscurity. I aspire to see my planet, its diverse inhabitants and their cultures as much as I can with my limited time. It sounds like an impossible dream but what is life without an impossible dream. Join me as I search for some memorable experiences!



Memories from around the World

Earth does not belong to us, we belong to the earth. Nothing lasts forever and nature eventually takes back what humans have built. My explorations of these less-frequented sites, connect me with my past and help me document them so I can tell the forgotten stories through my photos.

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