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The shrines of Nikko

The shrines of Nikko

Today Mani & I visit the temples of Nikko in Tochigi. The vibrant temples at this World Heritage site are strikingly different in appearance from other temples I have witnessed in Japan. The lavishly decorated pillars and other structures are covered in a gold leaves and multitude carvings conveying expressions of religious belief as well as scholarship and philosophy.

Tougyoku Dolls Museum
The cute dolls of Tougyoku Doll Museum Tougyoku Dolls Museum

The cute dolls of Tougyoku Doll Museum

Today, we arrived in Iwatsuki to explore the remarkable Togyoku dolls at the Tougyoku Dolls Museum. The town is renowned for its rich doll-making heritage, boasting over 300 skilled doll-makers. This tradition dates back to the 1700s when the town’s Paulownia trees were discovered to be ideal for woodcarving. Soon the town became a center for the production of hina dolls, and the tradition continues to this day.

Enoshima Island
An evening at Enoshima Enoshima Island

An evening at Enoshima

We traveled to Enoshima today, a small offshore island, about 4 km in circumference, at the mouth of the Katase River which flows into the Sagami Bay of Kanagawa. I was there to photograph Mt. Fuji, which I have heard looks stunning from the beach, but unfortunately the foggy weather foiled our attempts to catch the unique scene. However the beach is still an amazing place to spend an evening with your loved one.

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