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Some of my awe-inspiring experiences as I wander about the unique & beautiful Earth.

The stunning Osaka Castle

I love walking around Osaka Castle in the evenings. The castle was built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who ruled Japan in the latter half of the 16th century. The stone walls and moats surround the castle separating it from the bustling city. As dusk sets in, the sodium lamps light up the pathways surrounding the castle. The weeping sakura leaves along the wide moat briskly sway in the wind and the castle itself looks like a fantasy structure from the mythical age of dragons.

The lovely Matsumoto Castle

Today we visit the Matsumoto Castle, one of four castles designated as ‘National Treasures’ of Japan with over 400 years of history. With the Japanese Alps in the the background and a red bridge connecting the surrounding moat, it is one of the most picturesque castles in all of Japan.

The picturesque Chiba Castle

Today we head up to the picturesque castle on a hilltop in downtown Chiba. The ruins of the Inohana Castle go back to early 1100’s when it was created by Chiba Tsuneshige, however the replica that stands today is from sketches of a late 16th century design that somewhat reduces the authenticity of the castle.

An evening in Hirosaki

We dropped by Hirosaki Castle today, the only remaining castle from the Edo period in the Tohoku area of Japan. Built in 1611, the castle is renowned for the weeping Sakura blossoms in its surrounding park. Interestingly while I was there, I found the whole castle has been moved from its original location for repairs.

The Tsuruga Castle

We take a walk to the Tsuruga Castle in Aizu Wakamatsu, a city where the influences of samurai remain strong even today. The five storied impregnable fortress and castle tower that stands today is a replica reconstructed in 1965, based on photographs and historical documents of the preceding Kurokawa Castle, built in 1384.

The radiant Shuri Castle

Shuri Castle served as the center of politics, foreign affairs and culture of the Ryukyu Kingdom since the 14th century, until Okinawa became a Japanese prefecture in 1879. The World Heritage Site with its brilliant colors and stylish Ryukyu architecture is strikingly different from any castle I have witnessed in all of Japan.

The black Matsue Castle

Matsue Castle is one of the few remaining medieval castles in Japan in their original wooden form. It is also known as the black castle due to its dark color. The castle is located near Lake Shinji, surrounded by many canals where tourists can take a memorable boat ride.

The lovely Fukuyama Castle

Fukuyama Castle is one of the most beautiful castles I have witnessed on my travels in Japan. It belongs to the Edo Period. Most of the structures were destroyed in the air raids of World War II in 1945. Only the Fushimi Yagura and Sujigane Gate have survived the ravages of time.

A walk to Kochi Castle

Kochi Castle used to be the seat of the Yamauchi lords, who ruled over the surrounding area, then known as Tosa, during the Edo Period. Mani & I hike up the castle, the only one in all of Japan to have all the original buildings in the honmaru, or innermost ring of defense, still standing.

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