CSS Artist

Full-Stack WordPress Developer

I specialize as a Frontend Developer with a proven track record of designing and developing responsive, user-friendly websites and applications.

I started out with creating user interface for web applications developed in ASP.Net and PHP before moving on to developing WordPress powered websites. I have extensive experience in working with WordPress themes, plugins and page builders.

Over the years, I have created custom WordPress themes for over 250 interactive web sites.

Dimensions Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Web Developer

- March 2005


  1. Creating a user interface for a web application using Photoshop.􀀀
  2. Creating HTML layouts of the application and embedding them into the software in collaboration with the developers.
  3. Creating the brand identity and related documents for the product including logo and website.􀀀
  4. Application QA & testing

Project: eDominer ERP Solution

eDominer is a web-based application built on the ASP.NET platform. The package comprises different modules which can be customized to suit each business as per their requirements.􀀀

Project information at:

ARB Software Pvt. Ltd.

Web Developer

- November 2005


  1. Creating a user interface for web-applications using Photoshop.
  2. Custom HTML formatting of the application and updating them in collaboration with the developers.


Cloud based ERP solution was specially designed & developed for SMEs to handle financial accounting, HR and payroll.

Project information at:

32 Bytes

Web Designer / Visualizer

- June 2007


  1. Creating brand identity, brochures and website designs.
  2. Creating PHP/MySQL powered websites.
  3. Creating event posters and invites.
  4. Projects information at:

RS Technosoft Pvt. Ltd.

Project Manager (UI)

- September 2009


  1. Creating a user interface for web-applications using Photoshop.
  2. Developing HTML layouts from the design to integrate the user interface into the application in coordination with the development team.
  3. Creating the brand identity for the applications including logo and website.
  4. Application QA & testing


  1. Pinellas County Student Reservation System
  2. Open Student Information System |
  3. FirstResponder - Risk Mitigation System
  4. Accelerator - Return to Work System

3 Media Web Solutions, Inc.

Lead Frontend Developer



  1. Creating accessible HTML from designs using Bootstrap and jQuery.
  2. Creating Functional specs to integrate the HTML into WordPress using Advanced Custom Fields.
  3. Creating Advanced Custom Fields and respective PHP templates to create blocks for clients to easily manage their content.
  4. Collaborating with other developers using GIT.
  5. Testing websites for accessibility and using Axe Accessibility Testing Tool.
  6. Performing quality assurance & testing using BrowserStack & Google Page Insights before deployment.
  7. Creating documentation about process knowledge for the team.
  8. Projects information at:


Memories from around the World

When I am not working, I am generally surrounded by nature. This has led to me finding my second love in life - Photography. My wanderings have taken me to extraordinary landscapes and helpen me witness several marvels of human skill stretching over centuries.

Reflecting on my childhood, like most kids, I cherished playtime and fun. After an intense game of cricket, my friends and I would create makeshift beds for stray dogs using broken bricks and torn clothes. During summers, we would ventured into local gardens to savor berries straight from the trees. Cricket sessions extended till dusk turned into night. Yet, even in those days, I felt a pull toward exploring the unfamiliar.

I also love to explore, be with nature, travel to faraway places and learn about different cultures.

Let's Talk

I firmly believe in the transformative power of a well-designed website.

Every website is a narrative waiting to unfold, and I bring this storytelling approach to my projects. From the elegance of user interfaces to the robustness of backend structures, I weave together technology and aesthetics to create digital landscapes that captivate and resonates with my clients user base.