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// Viki Pandit

CSS Artist & World Traveller

Viki Pandit

Creating user interfaces is my passion, and something I take every opportunity I can, to further my own knowledge and creativity.

I have been developing web-sites since 2004, and like to challenge myself with each new site I work on, by using something new, or developing a new technique to work with. In this way I have become proficient in many web development and graphics packages, although my main tool of choice will always be Adobe Dreamweaver.


I have a wide range of skills that I use for web-development, including extensive use and knowledge of PHP, CSS, jQuery and HTML5. I also manage my own web-server (the one this site is on in fact), and administrate domain names for several clients through the process of my work at office.

Along with these fundamental skills I have a good knowledge of several other software packages like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver. I have created user interface for school reservation systems, student management applications, hospital management systems and e-commerce sites, while always considering search engine optimization to help improve hits on the web-site in question.

I also have extensive expertise in Search Engine Optimization. From this I have the full range of abilities to go from the basic server-side operations and SEO, to the user interface and client relation skills I have developed during my career.

Apart from being good practice, it makes perfect sense to make your website usable by as large an audience as possible. From cross browser compatibility to intuitive navigation and legibility, creating an accessible website is important both commercially and ethically.

Web Standards

I believe strongly in web standards, and standards based development (as do an increasing number of others). I try to separate content from function both in terms of the user interface and the back-end processes. This makes for clean, easy to maintain code, which can be understood by others should they need to see it. There are times when the rules must be bent to make sites work in all browsers, but I try to avoid this whenever possible.

Content Management

Content management is more important than ever. But even as organizations are working to get their hands around rapidly growing and increasingly diverse collections of content, new web technologies are providing opportunities to create, manage, share, and deliver richer content more easily, sometimes cheaper, and often quicker. I have worked on customization and embedding modules for various open source CMS available like WordPress, Joomla, CMS Made Simple and PHPBB.


I have always been a huge fan of anime. I remember rushing home from school to watch Spiderman and Disney series with my friends in the 90’s. Later, as I grew I really got hooked onto anime series like Inuyasha and Escaflowne. Inuyasha is truly an original and greatly inspiring Anime series everyone should watch.

I also love to explore, be with nature, travel to faraway places and learn about different cultures.

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