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VIKI Pandit.


CSS Artist

A geek on weekdays

I am a user experience developer. My work involves creating better user experiences for web-based apps and how people perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with the web, especially users with disabilities. I have been developing web-sites/apps since 2004, and I love to challenge myself with each new project I work on.

WordPress Developer

I have a wide range of skills that I use for web-development, including extensive use and knowledge of PHP, CSS, jQuery and HTML5. I also manage my own web-server and administrate domain names for several clients through the process of my work.


I believe strongly in web standards, and standards based development. I try to separate content from function both in terms of the user interface and the back-end processes. This makes for clean, easy to maintain code, which can be understood by others should they need to see it.

A wanderer on weekends

When I am not working, I am generally surrounded by nature. This has led to me finding my second love in life – Photography. My wanderings have taken me to extraordinary landscapes and helpen me witness several marvels of human skill stretching over centuries etched onto pre-historic rocks.

When I think back to my childhood, I was like most other children loved to play and have fun. After the exhausting game of cricket me and my friends would make beds for the stray dogs using broken bricks and torn clothes. In Summers I remember walking into a private garden with friends to enjoy some berries right from the trees. And I remember playing cricket till dusk would turn into night. But even in those times, I was drawn towards exploring the unknown. For me as a 12 year old, the unknown would be the adjacent block of where I lived.

I also love to explore, be with nature, travel to faraway places and learn about different cultures.

Some of my favourite clicks

Sodeshi & Sekkai Jizo at Lake Shinji

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Sodeshi & Sekkai Jizo at Lake Shinji