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CSS Artist

The geek on weekdays

I am a Freelance Web designer and developer residing in the beautiful city of Bangalore in India. Creating user interfaces is my passion. I have been developing web-sites since 2004, and I love to challenge myself with each new site I work on, by using something new, or developing a new technique to work on. Along the way I have become proficient in many web development and graphics softwares that assist me in my work.

A wanderer on weekends

I also love to explore, be with nature, travel to faraway places and learn about different cultures.

WordPress Developer

I have a wide range of skills that I use for web-development, including extensive use and knowledge of PHP, CSS, jQuery and HTML5. I also manage my own web-server (the one this site is on in fact), and administrate domain names for several clients through the process of my work.


I believe strongly in web standards, and standards based development. I try to separate content from function both in terms of the user interface and the back-end processes. This makes for clean, easy to maintain code, which can be understood by others should they need to see it.

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