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A stroll on Mandvi Beach

We drive to Mandvi Beach to laze out in the winter Sun. The beach is a curving stretch of yellow sand fringed by green waters, with windmills on one side and an uninterrupted view of the Arabian sea on the other. The sea is safe for swimming and the beach is ideal for walking. The beautiful beach offers many fun activities including Camel rides, bubble floats, speedboats and even para-sailing. But for us peace hunters, a few steps away there is the silence of the gentle waves and the occasional herons flying by.

Enoshima Island
An evening at Enoshima Enoshima Island

We traveled to Enoshima today, a small offshore island, about 4 km in circumference, at the mouth of the Katase River which flows into the Sagami Bay of Kanagawa. I was there to photograph Mt. Fuji, which I have heard looks stunning from the beach, but unfortunately the foggy weather foiled our attempts to catch the unique scene. However the beach is still an amazing place to spend an evening with your loved one.

Sand Dunes of Tottori
The Dunes of Tottori Sand Dunes of Tottori

JR Train Station Bus to Tottori Sand Dunes Parking lot Tottori Sand Dunes Entrance Tottori Sand Dunes Viki at Tottori Sand Dunes Mani at Tottori Sand Dunes Climbing the Horseback Dune Atop the Horseback Dune View of the Sea Western coast Setting up my tripod Catching the sunset over Tottori Sand Dunes Mani at sunset […]

Gokarna Beach Trek
Gokarna Beach Trek Gokarna Beach Trek

This weekend I head out on a trek to the rocky cliffs along the coastline of Gokarna. The trek covers four of the most gorgeous beaches located to the south of Gokarna starting from the southern-most Paradise Beach and moving northwards towards Half Moon Beach, Om Beach, Kuddle Beach and finally ending at Gokarna Beach.


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