Fun on Aoshima Beach

We walk down to Aoshima beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Miyazaki. Facing the beach is Aoshima Island, which appears like a pendant from the sky. The island is known for its subtropical plants and straight lines stones called devil’s washboard or Oni no Sentakuita.

Getting off the streetcar at Kagoshima Chuo Station.

A lovely sculpture at the Kagoshima Chuo Station

All set to catch the train to Miyazaki

Getting down at Miyazaki.

Reaching Aoshima Station

Haniwa clay models

Haniwa clay models closeup

Walking to Aoshima Beach through Miyako Botanical Garden

First views of Aoshima Beach

Mani at Aoshima Beach

Viki at Aoshima Beach

A prelude of the Devil’s washboard on Aoshima Beach.

Having some fun before leaving for Aoshima Island

Aoshima Beach Rocks

Walking to Aoshima Island

A close up of the Aoshima Island

Crossing the Yayoi Bridge

Stone lanterns at the end of the Yayoi Bridge

Closeup of Devils Washboard

Aoshima Shrine Torii

Shrine Entrance

Shrine Hall

Purification Ring of straw

Aoshima Shrine

Aoshima Shrine closer view

Ema Planks

Devils Washboard towards the back of the island

Leaving the Island

Getting down in Oita

Oita Station

Oita Station Stores

Picking up dinner

Best Western Hotel Fino

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