The ancient Yoshinogari village

Today we went to explore the Yoshinogari ruins, that spreads throughout the Kanzaki area of Saga Prefecture. It is one of the largest historical site in Japan, reminiscent of Yamatai Kingdom from the Yayoi Era between 300 BC to 300 AD. The moated village marks the first shift from a nomadic lifestyle to permanent settlements.

On the way to Yoshinogari



Bridge to village

Torii at the entrance of the village

First views of the village

Viki at Yoshinigari

Dwelling huts at Minami no mura

A wild visitor

Kura to ichi

Near Minami naikaku

Watchtower at Minami naikaku

Minami naikaku

Chief house at Minami naikaku

Interiors of a hut at Minami naikaku

Naka no mura

Kita Naikaku

Entrance of Kita Naikaku

Ceremonial hall

Watchtower at Kita Naikaku

Prayer hall at Kita Funkyubo

Burial mound at Kita Funkyubo

Inside the burial mound

Burial jar

Burial pits

Leaving Yoshinogari

Catching the train to Kagoshima via Kumamoto.

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