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Showa Daibutsu in Aomori
// Showa Daibutsu at Seiryu-ji

Showa Daibutsu at Seiryu-ji

Showa Daibutsu at Seiryu-ji

The largest seated bronze statue of Nyorai Buddha (Buddha of Emptiness) in Japan is more than 21 meters (almost 70 feet) high, quite a bit larger than the Nyorai Daibutsu in Nara. The statue sits in the open air outside the Seiryu-ji, the Temple of the Blue-Green Dragon. The modern temple complex—construction finished in 1992—is built mostly of cypress, including the five-level pagoda, so the interior has an extraordinarily lovely fragrance.

Showa Daibutsu at Seiryu-ji

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