Cape Soya

Whiteout at Cape Soya

We ride to Cape Sōya in Wakkanai. Cape Sōya is the northern-most point of Japan and just about 150 kms away from Russia. In fact one can just take a ferry from the port nearby, to Russia. Once we reached, the breeze suddenly picked up and we were barely able to see beyond a few meters in the Whiteout. Ugh, my palms are numb again!

Cape Sōya in Wakkanai, at a northern latitude of 45 degrees 31′ is the northernmost point of Japan It’s not one of those scenic landscapes that I chase after, but nevertheless I was keen to visit the absolute tip of the country We had a day’s rest in Asahikawa and were going over the plans for the next day’s trip to Wakkanai Looking at the train schedules we felt it was going to be very tight for us to go all the way to Wakkanai and come back on the same day Express trains are few and local trains are not a very good idea for traveling such a long distance We both came to the same conclusion and decided to head for Wakkanai on this day


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