U3 – the future of mobile computing

I just bought my second USB flash drive last week and boy was I impressed. The Kingston’s U3 DataTraveler smart drive offers more than just portable storage.

It can also store and run software programs that you can download from U3.com. U3 DataTraveler is ideal for users who move between different locations that have PCs, including: home, office, homes of friends and family. I can now carry my world with me in my pocket.

U3 DataTraveler is designed to ensure that no personal data is left behind viz. chat archives or browser history on the desktop or laptop where it is used, giving you extra security when using public access PCs at Internet caf├ęs or schools. You can also restrict access to data by setting your own personal password with the password protection feature.

U3 is an emerging standard for making portable applications that run on flash drives. It requires a compatible device and for the application to be made with a few, simple standards.

Major flash drive manufacturers are partnering with U3 to make lines of drives that are compatible. I anticipate that not just some, but most flash drives sold in the future will be U3 compatible.

A few applications that are already available are Skype, Trillian, Thunderbird, Firefox and WinAmp. The U3 site has several applications available for download, but not all freeware.

With a five year warranty, this stuff is real cool. Get one today!

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