My Compaq Presario B1822TU

Check out this sleek and stylish, the Compaq Presario B1822 notebook I got. It’s incredibly lightweight and yet exceptionally powerful with the latest Intel technology. It is one of the smallest and lightest notebook ever designed by HP.

I was actually not sure about the 12″ screen — At some point, resolution beyond a certain depth is too fine for me to use for long periods. In this case, the crispness of each character on the screen is amazing, and the aspect ratio being as wide as it is means I have some huge amount of screen real estate.

The machine is fast, not too heavy and elegant. It took me some 6 hours to load all my software onto it, that’s fast.

I have already finished a couple of kewl games on it including “Call of Duty” and “Chronicles of Riddick -Escape from Butcher Bay”. Its wonderful.

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