The Art of Kaizen SEO – Craig Mazur

I just came across this very interesting article I had had to share. The author Craig Mazur talks about a traditional Eastern Philosophy originating from Japan. “Kaizen” is a Japanese philosophy of continual improvement. The concept embraces the idea that a designer or manufacturer should be continually looking for ways to make a product better. Kaizen, he believes, calls for a relentless incremental effort. The Kaizen approach works because any design and process improvement is never-ending. There are always ways to make something better or do something more efficiently, and that is the heart of the Kaizen philosophy.

Google is the most advance spam avoiding search engine. It is very difficult if not impossible to spam Google for better listing in SERPs. Any abrupt changes to your website like suddenly adding 50,000 inbound links or creating a thousand new pages will be construed as a clear sign of spamming from Google’s efficient filter. This filter keeps a track on the pace at which the website is updated regularly. It doesn’t matter how big or small update you are doing, but you should do it regularly to keep Google informed and alert.

Kaizen quite naturally works well with Google search engine optimization since their algorithms also practice the same Kaizen philosophy to develop. Recent information confirm that they have an algorithm that tracks the growth of inbound links to a site, and that algorithm favors “natural growth” of links to a site that is built gradually over time. The addition of large numbers of inbound links to a site in a short time reveals an unnatural link building pattern and thus the site may get hit with a spam penalty.

SEO is also a process that never really ends due to changing search engine algorithms. Kaizen SEO is therefore a philosophy that continually seeks ways to make a Web site more visible and attractive to the search engines. It is a process that requires periodic tweaks to a Web site’s content or script code in order to help the site to rank more favorably. The process never ends because the evolution never ends. The goal is perfection, but perfection can never be reached, and thus the art of Kaizen lives on forever.

“To adopt Kaizen means to be ever willing to change, for if you don’t, you surrender yourself and your market to those who do.”

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