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MoWeS Portable – Webserver on a stick

MoWeS stands for the three letter abbreviation Modular Webserver System and makes it possible, to run a webserver based on Apache, MySQL and PHP from an USB Stick or any other writable media (harddrive, flash cards etc.) without installation under Windows (98 to Vista). There are two different versions of MoWeS. The MoWeS Portable and […]

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The four seasons of Japan

Spring which starts in March and stays till May is a very busy period in Japan. It is also the season when the most beautiful festival Hanami is celebrated. The Sakura trees (or the cherry blossoms) all over Japan come into bloom for between seven to ten days. People hold outdoor parties to view the […]

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Animexnation User Interface

The user interface for animexnation, one of my personal projects which was very close to my heart. Inuyasha was the series that has inspired me so much in my life. I really wanted to create a user forum where like minded people could share moments and memories featured around manga. However due to lack of […]

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Some of my avril lavigne wallpapers

These wallpapers were created between 2004-06 when everything Avril sang was beautiful to my ears. I completely loved both her first two albums. Complicated is still one of my all time favorites. I was quite a bit disappointed with her third album, though I liked the one song created for Eragon. Softwares : Photoshop/IllustratorResolution: 1024×768 […]

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Angelina Jolie Wallpaper

  One of my projects during the first year of arena – Angelina Jolie Wallpaper. I remember the first of the “Tomb Raider” series had just opened up in Theaters when I made this. Softwares: Photoshop & Illustrator Year: 2004

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How to add a program in Startup on Ubuntu

This is a simple tutorial on how to make any program to start up by default in Ubuntu: Start up the program you want to add in the startup. Open a terminal window and type the following command:xprop | grep WM_CLASSYou will notice that your cursor will change to a cross-hair. Now click on the […]

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How to navigate the Terminal in Ubuntu

The first thing I discovered after my crossover from Windows was that I have to make the Ubuntu Terminal my friend. I have been running away from the DOS prompt since I first learnt Windows back in 2002. Since then I have always been assisted by UI replacements to do all the work I should […]

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Finally, Ubuntu

Finally got my wireless to work with Ubuntu at home too. Since Linux does not support my wireless iball usb adapter, I brought a netgear adapter from office. I’ll possibly drop down to Chandni and buy one for myself. It’s strange that iball isn’t Linux compatible. In fact It’s more expensive that netgear adapters. Anyways […]

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My first post from Ubuntu

I have started using Ubuntu and it’s beautiful. The installation was pretty easy, however configuring the wireless network took quite some time. Still got the office network following some online help. I am still not able to configure the wireless at my home. Maybe it’s due to my iBall hardware. I should have bought Netgear. […]

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