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Adios Orkut!!!

Yes. I have decided to stay on Orkut no more. Nothing planned or in haste. My time is worth much more to me and others. And guess who brought about this wake up call….its Dinky>> Chirag’s kid bro. Yes sometimes we forget that even something as insignificant as an ant can teach us something we […]

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In love with Opera

Opera is still not a household name like Internet Explorer or Firefox however the beta 1 release of the Opera 9 browser is much more innovative than Firefox 1.5 or the latest release of IE7. Since November 2005, the current version, Opera has been free to download. There are tons of features in Opera which […]

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U3 – the future of mobile computing

I just bought my second USB flash drive last week and boy was I impressed. The Kingston’s U3 DataTraveler smart drive offers more than just portable storage. It can also store and run software programs that you can download from U3 DataTraveler is ideal for users who move between different locations that have PCs, […]

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My Compaq Presario B1822TU

Check out this sleek and stylish, the Compaq Presario B1822 notebook I got. It’s incredibly lightweight and yet exceptionally powerful with the latest Intel technology. It is one of the smallest and lightest notebook ever designed by HP. I was actually not sure about the 12″ screen — At some point, resolution beyond a certain […]

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The Art of Kaizen SEO – Craig Mazur

I just came across this very interesting article I had had to share. The author Craig Mazur talks about a traditional Eastern Philosophy originating from Japan. “Kaizen” is a Japanese philosophy of continual improvement. The concept embraces the idea that a designer or manufacturer should be continually looking for ways to make a product better. […]

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