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My Recent Travels

A wide-eyed wanderer

I have a little dream to travel to faraway places. A world where sturdy oaks lean over and guide me on wandering trails. Where ruined monuments take me back in time and where the mountains hide me in their solitude. A place of peace and calm. I want to stay a little longer, walk a little further in this wide emptiness that fills the soul.

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My Footsteps on Earth

Earth is no heaven but I can find pieces of it, scattered. On my journeys, thus far, I have been witness to extra-ordinary landscapes, sometimes lit by the rays of our dying sun, darkened under the flying shadows thrown by the clouds which sail across the sky. Each of the small pins on the map below is but a step towards finding these scattered pieces.

Memories from around the World

Nothing lasts forever and nature eventually takes takes back what humans have built. My explorations of these less-frequented sites, connects me with my past and also doubles up as a reminder that at some point of time we too will be reduced to just a sparkling light in the universe.

Children on a boat ride at Ritsurin Garden

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Children on a boat ride at Ritsurin Garden

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