Once we decide to delve into photography, the first thing we encounter is how to plan our gear. Every piece of equipment is pretty expensive. Most of us  including me want to start off with the right gear otherwise we end up with unused and expensive stuff. Unlike other places, its tough to sell off your unused gear in India.

I have put down below a list of my photography gear along with some of the softwares I use in my workflow. I am not saying that these are the best or anything. They just suit my requirements of a pro-sumer photographer.


Nikon D7810

Once I started to seriously delve into photography, I turned in my D7100 for the latest D810. To be frank, I cannot look at the pictures I got before using the D7100, because the D810 is so sharp. I feel like revisiting all the places I have been just to get the sharper shot.


Adobe Photoshop
Photoshop needs no introduction. If you have anything to do with image retouching, Photoshop is the go to solution. With Lightroom becoming more and more powerful, I generally use Photoshop generally for removing unwanted objects or for creating composites.

Adobe Lightroom
Lightroom is the quite-essential software for photographers. I am more impressed by its cataloging features than anything else. It keeps my huge collection at my fingertips. It’s also great for automatic synchronizing an effect across a series of photographs, saving  me lot of time.


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