Lake Tazawako

The lady of Lake Tazawa

We took a ride to Lake Tazawa to witness the remnants of the legend of Tatsuko, a girl from In-nai area who in the search for eternal beauty was turned into a dragon and to this day protects the mysterious lake.

The beauty of Japan lies in its peaceful lakes, gardens and mountains Today we head out to a mystical lake in Akita Lake Tazawa is a caldera lake in the city of Semboku in Akita Prefecture With a depth of 423 meters, it has the distinction of being the deepest lake in Japan, but more interestingly the lake finds a reference in the folklores of Tatsuko, a young maiden from In-nai, who wishing for everlasting youth and beauty, is said to have been cursed and turned into a dragon on the shores of this very lake Today in her remembrance, a golden statue of Tatsuko created by Yasutake Funakoshi in 1968, stands at the edge of the lake with

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