Iga Ueno

On the trail of the Ninjas of Iga Ueno

We ride into the misty mountains of Mie, to visit Iga Ueno, the birthplace of Ninjas. At the Iga-ryu Ninja Museum, dedicated to the history of the shadow warriors, we discover the awesome escape routes, hidden doors, traps and fake hallways of a Ninja dwelling.

It was a grey Sunday The clouds had enveloped Nara and everything appeared gloomy We had plans for Kyoto but seeing the depressing weather, we decided to go a bit far to escape the elements and thus the plan to visit the Ninja town of Iga Ueno came to happen Iga Ueno is a small town located in mountains of western Mie It is particularly famous as the birthplace of the Iga Ninja spies & the art of Ninjutsu, but it also hides within its boundaries a few other secrets The origins of the Ninja is somewhat shrouded in secrecy The art was practiced by the Shinobi or Ninja that rose

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