Jodogahama Beach

The pure Jodogahama Beach

We went down to Miyako to witness the uniquely-shaped islands of Jodogahama Beach. The stunning landscape of jagged white rocks protrusions as well as the beautiful coastline make it a photographers delight.

Today we ride to the scenic Jodogahama Beach Jodogahama Beach, or “Paradise Beach,” with its series of rock formations is one of the most popular places of scenic beauty along the Rikuchu Coast in the Tohoku region of northern Japan Morioka to Jodogahama Beach Sun was already beating down on us as we walked down to the Morioka Station from our hotel Summer has been strangely hotter this year Morioka Station While much of Japan is easily accessible by train, there are a few areas like Miyoka, that take a bit more effort to reach This area was greatly effected by the big

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