Tojinbo Cliffs

The thrilling Tojinbo Cliffs

Tojinbo Cliffs enjoy the dubious distinction of being the most loved suicide spot in Japan. For the wandering souls like me, the enthralling, rugged cliffs eroded by the raging waves of the Sea of Japan combined with the mesmerizing sunset is certainly more than likely to cause skipped heartbeats.

This day is special to me, today I can safely proclaim to be the second Indian to visit all 47 prefectures of Japan The first Indian to explore all 47 prefectures is obviously my wife Ranita san I had been wanting to visit the cliffs since the day I witnessed the thrilling cliffs of Sandanbeki in Wakayama My JR Pass was going to expire soon, so I made up my mind to drop in at Tojinbo today Tojinbo is a series of basaltic cliffs located within the Echizen-Kaga Quasi-National Park in Sakai, northern Fukui, bordering Ishikawa Pronounced Toujinbou, the rugged, precipitous cliffs stretch for over a kilometer, and is
Sandanbeki Cliffs

The towering Sandanbeki Cliffs

I go for a walk on the enthralling cliffs of Sandanbeki, stretching out into the Pacific Ocean. The 50 meters high towering cliffs dating back to the Tertiary period, still stand tall after centuries of erosion. Sitting on the inter-layered limestone rocks, it is scary watching the ocean’s current unleashing wave after wave, crashing up against the cliff. Located in Kii Peninsula, Wakayama, it has the dubious record as one of the most notorious spot on earth for suicides.

Today I ride out of Nara on my own for the first time I am headed for the beautiful town of Shirahama in Wakayama Prefecture I woke up early and walked down to the JR Nara station at 7 am In the early morning, the streets were devoid of people Walking past the closed stores, it took me about half an hour to reach the JR Station I activated my 21 day JR Pass at the ticket counter and walked down to the platform The JR Pass allows me access to unlimited rides on all JR Trains across Japan I have a long list of amazing places on my bucket list that I hope to visit over

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