Kasugayama Primeval Forest

The secret world of Kasugayama Primeval Forest

The Kasugayama Primeval Forest hides many interesting flora in its midst. I go for a hike around the forest to Manyou Botanical Garden discovering an array of colors among the dense prehistoric forest of Nara.

I had a great time in Hasedera the day before The temple grounds were lovely but what struck me most was the abundant hydrangeas blooming all over the garden I had been to Nara Park several times, but each time I always used to miss visiting the Manyou Botanical Garden, located near Kasuga-Taisha shrine bordering the Kasugayama Primeval forest The garden contains a Wisteria Garden, Camellia Garden, Iris Garden, Ajisai Garden and a Five Grain Garden With the Ajisai blooming all over Nara, I decided it was the perfect time to check out this garden The garden can be easily accessed by entering Nara Park and walking on your right towards Kasuga Taisha shrine Invalid Displayed Gallery The Manyou Botanical Garden (萬葉植物園) opened in 1932 and contains

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