Godzilla Tambo Art

Inakadate Tanbo Art

We took the train to Inakadate to witness the Tambo Art. Tambo Art is an art form originating in Japan where people plant rice of various types and colors to create a giant picture in a paddy field. The massive pictures are elaborately designed using perspective drawing methods to make them look their best when seen from a nearby observation platform.

Today we head down to Inakadate to witness the interesting Tanbo Rice Art fields Inakadate is one of the older places on Earth where rice cultivation was initiated In 1993, in order to honor this 2000 year old history, the people of this quaint village started a rice field behind the town hall and created a picture of Mt Iwaki using the paddy as a canvas Since then each year, the villagers create a new graphic using colored paddy that attracts visitors from far lands to see this innovative art We woke up to a beautiful sunny day in Aomori I was still under the spell of the magical sunset that swept us off

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