A walk to Kochi Castle

Kochi Castle used to be the seat of the Yamauchi lords, who ruled over the surrounding area, then known as Tosa, during the Edo Period. Mani & I hike up the castle, the only one in all of Japan to have all the original buildings in the honmaru, or innermost ring of defense, still standing.

Early morning view of Kochi


On the way to Harimaya bridge

Harimaya Bridge

On the way to Kochi Castle

Shopping area

Sunday Market

Otemon gate

Kochi Castle walls

Kochi Castle Gate

Otakasa Hill

Pine Trees

Entering Kochi Castle


Closeup shot

Inside Kochi Castle

Leaving for Tokushima

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The Awa Odori Musical

This weekend I was lucky to witness the Awa Odori, a traditional Bon dance. It originated in Tokushima Prefecture and is danced to the lively call of “Yatto San, Yatto, Yatto. The dance has a history of about 400 years, and is one of the largest festivals in Japan.

Watch this space for the full story.

Train ride to Tokushima


Tokushima Station Building

Shinmachibashi Street

Awaodori Kaikan


Musical performance

Awa-odori dance performance

Awa-odori dance performance

Awa-odori dance performance

Awa-odori dance performance

Mani participating in Awa-odori dance performance

Awa-odori Museum

Awa-odori Costumes

Awa-odori Instruments

Awa-odori Miniatures

Awa-odori Miniatures

Awa-odori Paintings

Awa-odori Paintings

Awa-odori Paintings

Awa-odori Robo dancer

Awa-odori Mannequins

Train to Osaka

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A stroll at Ritsurin Garden

Ritsurin Garden is a chestnut grove garden, one of the most famous historical gardens in Japan. The garden is situated in the city of Takamatsu and dates back to the early 17th century. The garden has six ponds and thirteen mounds strategically placed to use Mt Shiun as a background. Different flowers bloom all year round with the scenery changing with every step I took.

Matsuyama Station

Train to Takamatsu

Ticket counter at Ritsurin Koen

Viki at Ritsurin Koen

Bust of Yorinaga Matsudaira

Wide expanse of greens

Mani at Ritsurin Koen

Tsuru Kame Pine Tree at Ritsurin Garden

Walking around the park

North Pond

Rows of Pine

Walking towards South Pond

Okedoi-taki Waterfal

Walking to South Pond

South Pond

Visitors taking a boat ride at the South Pond

South Pond with Mount Shuien in the background

South Pond

Viki on the Engetsuki Bridge

Back to Takamatsu Station

Leaving for Kochi

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