Yokohama Pier at Night

Photowalk along Osanbashi Pier

We go on a photo-walk to capture the famous Yokohama skyline from Osanbashi, the oldest pier in Yokohama. The creatively designed wooden deck with steps, slopes, and benches are perfect for a relaxing evening among gentle sea breeze.

Today we dropped by at one of the most photographed areas in Yokohama – Osanbashi Pier(大さん橋) The pier was originally built in 1894, but was reconstructed in 2002 as a passenger terminal Its bold new design incorporates floor boards, with no stairs, beams or posts making it a unique experience with great views of the city We were in the Kanto region for a few days The weather had been a big disappointment We spent the early part of the day inside malls surrounding Shin-Osaka Station We found a Book-off store nearby Its a great place to find old series that are not in publication anymore and, I may add in pretty good

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