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Some of my awe-inspiring experiences as I wander about the unique & beautiful Earth.

Nachi Falls
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Hike to Nachi Falls

I hike to the incredible cliff-diving Nachi Waterfall to witness its wild beauty. The Sanjūdō Pagoda in front of the falls creates one of the most beautiful scenes in Japan. The tall waterfall boasts the longest drop in Japan. One can drink the flowing spring water, supposed to have healing abilities, from the falls at the Shrine directly below.

Engetsu Island
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Eye of Engetsu

Engetsu Island is a sandstone rock in the midst of the sea, popular for its remarkable sunset view. The almost perfect circle in the center of the island is enchanting to see as the sun passes from inside the circular arch.

Shirahama Beach
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White Sands of Shirahama Beach

I go for a walk on the soft white sands of Shirahama Beach in Wakayama. The enchanting beach with its sparkling see thru waters make this place a paradise for beach lovers.

Sandanbeki Cliffs
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The towering Sandanbeki Cliffs

I go for a walk on the enthralling cliffs of Sandanbeki, stretching out into the Pacific Ocean. The 50 meters high towering cliffs dating back to the Tertiary period, still stand tall after centuries of erosion. Sitting on the inter-layered limestone rocks, it is scary watching the ocean’s current unleashing wave after wave, crashing up against the cliff. Located in Kii Peninsula, Wakayama, it has the dubious record as one of the most notorious spot on earth for suicides.

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