White Rann

White Rann

Sunset at White Rann

Nothing beats a sunset and that too at the endless desert of White Rann. While basking in the beautiful sunset the only thought that grazed my mind was this, right here..is one of the “Real” 7 wonders of the world.

I am standing at the edge of the White Rann, an endless stretch of white that goes all the way from Gujarat’s Kutch district to Pakistan’s Sindh The tattooed Camels have helped us reach this point from where everything is a blank white of nothingness The vast expanse of uninterrupted whiteness makes me feel as if I was miraculously zapped from the grim Indian desert to the frozen white lakes of Japan, only I didn’t need the safety of my hefty gloves or winter jackets Oh yes, it looks like a frozen lake but looks can be deceiving This is one the most unforgiving places in India with summer temperatures averaging and peaking at 495 °C Thankfully it is

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