Finished Crysis today

crysis-boxI just finished playing Crysis today.. and it was awesome. Though some times it tended to be monotonous during the early chapters.. it still was amazing graphics and gameplay. I enjoyed the whole game except for one level in the middle where I am inside the alien ship. That level was pretty irritating.

I only have a Geforce 7200 and so I was only able to play the game at all the lowest settings at 800×600. But even at these low settings, the game looked pretty good. Lots of games tend to have a very very tough fight towards the end and players tend to run for the cheats but this wasn’t the case here. Had a real great time playing but the ending did seem a bit hollow.. I sure am waiting whenever they come up with the sequel. It cannot just end here.

I also found this very helpful walkthrough for the game. Helped me whenever I used to get lost: Crysis Walkthrough

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