How to add a program in Startup on Ubuntu

This is a simple tutorial on how to make any program to start up by default in Ubuntu:

  1. Start up the program you want to add in the startup.
  2. Open a terminal window and type the following command:xprop | grep WM_CLASSYou will notice that your cursor will change to a cross-hair. Now click on the Application which you want to be added in the startup. You will get a string back like this: WM_CLASS(STRING) = “application”, “Application”

    I got this when I clicked on my Terminal window which I am using with Tilda

    screenshot tilda ubuntu

    Screenshot Tilda Ubuntu

    the first string tells the command for terminal is tilda.

  3. Now you need the path for the application. To get the path, use the “which” command in terminal. For eg. which tilda will return me the path to the program on my machine. Just substitute whatever the first string you got in place of “tilda”
  4. The system will reply a path like : /usr/bin/tilda. In your case it will be your application path.
  5. Copy the path and open the Session Manager from System > Preferences > Sessions. You will see a window like below:

  6. Click on the add button on the right and add the path you copied from the terminal window into the window


    Adding a Program to Startup in Ubuntu

  7. That’s it. Logoff and login again. You will find the application you added in the Session Manager will start by default.

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