Some of my avril lavigne wallpapers

These wallpapers were created between 2004-06 when everything Avril sang was beautiful to my ears. I completely loved both her first two albums. Complicated is still one of my all time favorites. I was quite a bit disappointed with her third album, though I liked the one song created for Eragon.


Avril Lavigne Wallpaper

Softwares : Photoshop/IllustratorResolution: 1024×768

Softwares : Photoshop/IllustratorResolution: 1280×768 (widescreen)

2 thoughts on “Some of my avril lavigne wallpapers

  1. Avril is going to regret having an obscene tatoo once she “grows up”. I can not think why anyone would want the f word tatooed on their body.

  2. Usman Bao says:

    what a beautiful singer ”I LOV U AVRIL”

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