Igloo Village of Shikaribetsu

The Igloo Village of Shikaribetsu

We ride to Lake Shikaribetsu, the highest lake in Hokkaido to visit a phantom village. Hidden deep in the mountains, the “Lake of the Sky,” as named by the Ainu, makes for a very serene and peaceful experience. The village exists only during the winter months and disappears with the onset of spring.

Our first day in the beautiful island of Hokkaido I was excited and looking forward to spending my next week surrounded by snow Coming from a land where temperatures frequently touch 50° Centigrade, it is like a fantasy coming to Hokkaido in winter It was going to be a long day We were headed for the city of Kushiro, almost 300 km away On the way, we had planned to take a break at Obihiro, and visit the phantom ice village on Lake Shikaribetsu Phantom?? Because nobody actually lives in that village Shikaribetsuko Kotan (然別湖コタン) is a winter event held from late January to mid March at Lake Shikaribetsu, located in

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