Original Castles

Matsue Castle

The black Castle of Matsue

Matsue Castle is one of the few remaining medieval castles in Japan in their original wooden form. It is also known as the black castle due to its dark color. The castle is located near Lake Shinji, surrounded by many canals where tourists can take a memorable boat ride.

Matsue Castle in the Shimane Prefecture of Japan, is one of only 12 remaining medieval castles in their original wooden form The castle was built as a fortress over a period of five years and completed in 1611 CE by the local feudal lord and founder of Matsue City, Yoshiharu Horio The castle is sometimes called the “black castle” after its dark-colored exterior I and my wife, Mani were in Izumo for a few days We were staying at the Dormy Inn Hotel, adjacent to Inzumoshi Station It is a good place to stay if you are touring Izumo The hotel’s proximity to the JR train station is very helpful if you will be


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