Tougyoku Dolls Museum

The cute dolls of Tougyoku Doll Museum

We landed in Iwatsuki today to see the amazing Togyoku dolls. The collection at Tougyoku Dolls Museum is diverse and the exhibits include imperial court dolls and hina dolls among others. The town of Iwatsuki is famous for its cute dolls and is said to have over 300 doll-makers. They’ve been making dolls here since the 1700s when it was discovered that the Paulownia trees here are excellent for woodcarving. Soon the town became a center for the production of hina dolls, and the tradition continues to this day.

Today we go down to the quaint town of Iwatsuki in Saitama Prefecture, to witness the cute Hina Ningyo dolls Just like manga or anime that appeals to the young and old alike, these Japanese dolls from Saitama are loved by people of all generations Interestingly the name of “Saitama” originates from the Sakitama (埼玉郡) district Sakitama has a long history and even finds a place in the famous Man’yōshū (万葉集), the oldest existing collection of Japanese poetry, compiled sometime after 759 CE The colloquial pronunciation gradually changed from Sakitama to Saitama over the years Train from Takasaki to Iwatsuki We were staying at the Toyoko Inn at
Saitama Railway Museum

History of Japanese Railways

While we were in Kanto, I went down to see the Saitama Railway Museum that recounts the history of railway in japan. Operated by the East Japan Railway Culture Foundation, the museum features about 30 railway cars from different years as they have evolved to the enigmatic Shinkansen of today.

After a beautiful morning among the cute Hina dolls of Iwatsuki, we were on our way to the Saitama Railway Museum While Mani had a wonderful time with the dolls I was very much looking forward to my date with the historical trains I have had a deep crush for trains that goes all the way back to my childhood days It was memorable, those rides to visit my grandma in the countryside during my summer vacations  The Saitama Railway Museum(鉄道博物館) is the largest museum of railways in Japan The museum exhibits real trains ranging from age-old steam locomotives to cutting edge Shinkansen trains The huge exhibit, almost the size of a football field, takes one on a ride through

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