The fuming Iōzan

Iōzan, also known as the Sulfur Mountain spews volcanic gases, rich in sulfur all year round. Standing amidst these steam bellowing vents and yellow crystallized rocks, it feels like we are on a different planet altogether.

From the lovely lake Kussharo, we drove into the mountains towards Mount Io, also known as Iōzan Gradually the landscape changed as the forest of Sakhalin Spruce gave way to the rocky surface of Iōzan Only a few dwarf stone pines and heathberry plants can be seen in the vicinity Barren landscape around Iozan Shitona, our tour guide kept us entertained with legends and mythical folklore of the area But she only spoke Japanese These are the times I deeply wish I had learnt a bit of Japanese I so love to hear stories As we got closer it seemed like a thick cloud had engulfed the side

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