Merlinvicki reloaded

The new theme, visually a close spin-off from the earlier v2.0 theme boasts more Web 2.0, more socially connected and more machine readable (using micro-formats). Although under a bit of indecision, I finally decided to stick to the original pink theme. It’s easier on the eyes and does not cause distraction from the real content.

We are also proud to be running on WordPress 3.0, arguably the simplest to use of all CMS with wonderful power packed features. As a user, I love the new lighter interface, the contextual help on every, bulk updates so you can upgrade 9 plugins at once with a single click. I have also re-coded the HTML to support the great functionalities that HTML5 has to offer as more and more browsers start supporting them. I’ve also decided to dunk IE6 support.

Recently Mani has also started contributing some nice articles. The new theme gives her more space and individuality on the blog, so her followers can look forward to some quality articles from her.

Some more additions like the official Twitter button to count retweets and the Facebook like button gives the site amazing bookmark options. The most amazing thing about the Like button is that you can actually add a comment too while liking it. Two thumbs up to Facebook. They have really good user experience, one of the primary reasons I believe that have led to them flourishing so much.

Share your thoughts, add your comments or suggestions about the new WordPress theme.

Animexnation User Interface


The user interface for animexnation, one of my personal projects which was very close to my heart. Inuyasha was the series that has inspired me so much in my life. I really wanted to create a user forum where like minded people could share moments and memories featured around manga. However due to lack of time and no support I wasn’t able to carry it forward.

The HTML along with source Photoshop files are still there with me. Maybe sometime in the future when I am not as busy… I would love to give it another shot.

Some of my avril lavigne wallpapers

These wallpapers were created between 2004-06 when everything Avril sang was beautiful to my ears. I completely loved both her first two albums. Complicated is still one of my all time favorites. I was quite a bit disappointed with her third album, though I liked the one song created for Eragon.


Avril Lavigne Wallpaper

Softwares : Photoshop/IllustratorResolution: 1024×768

Softwares : Photoshop/IllustratorResolution: 1280×768 (widescreen)

Angelina Jolie Wallpaper


One of my projects during the first year of arena – Angelina Jolie Wallpaper. I remember the first of the “Tomb Raider” series had just opened up in Theaters when I made this.

Softwares: Photoshop & Illustrator

Year: 2004