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My new HP dv4 notebook


My new HP dv4 notebook


My HP-Pavilion-DV4

I am so excited with my new notebook that I just had to write something about it.

The machine itself is a 14.1 inch widescreen, HP Pavilion dv4-2123tx model with scratch-proof outer cover and many niche stuffs to boast. It’s powered by Intel’s Core i3 processor with a neat 3GB DDR3 RAM. It is also equipped with a 512mb ATI Radeon Graphics card plus a decent Hitachi 320GB, 7200rpm hard disk.

It came with Window 7 Home Premium as the preloaded OS (that’s good since you can use Homegroup sharing with other Win 7 computers.) Then, there’s the usual plethora of peripherals, a built-in web-cam with 2 USB ports, LAN/WiFi, Multi Card Reader, Blue-tooth and 6-cell Lithium-Ion battery and most importantly the finger print reader(better security)

The guy at the sales told me the battery backup is good for 2-3 hours (know I can get better). Maybe I will get an additional 9 cell for backup, will set me back by around 5k.

Well that’s it. I love my new gadget (christened EVA by Mani) and wanted to share my fun with you. If you also own one, share your experience by leaving a comment below.


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