The mysteries of Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

We took a bus all the way from Naha to Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. The aquarium goes up to four floors, with tanks containing deep-sea creatures, coral, and tropical fish. The main Kuroshio Sea Tank holds an enormous 7,500 cubic meters of water, stretching from the first floor all the way to the second floor of the aquarium.

Dawn in Naha

Umisora Park

Waiting at Bus Stop

Getting down at Ocean Expo Park

Ocean Expo Park

Sishi Lion

Walk to Chiraumi Aquarium

Entrance to Chiraumi Aquarium

Aquarium entrance

The Sea of Tropical Fish

Jelly Fish

Moonlight Jellyfish

The Kuroshio Sea Tank

Scalloped hammerhead

Zebra shark

Giant trevally

Aqua Room

Ocean Expo Park

American manatee

Walking to Emerald beach

Rocks along the coast

Sitting area on Churaumi Aquarium Grounds

Hotel Orion Motobu

Emerald beach

Catching the bus back to Naha

Getting down near Naha city hall

Walking along Onaribashi-dori in Naha

Snack time at Tendon Hasegawa

Walking back to Naha Beach Side Hotel

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