Hinomisaki Shrine

Located 8 kilometers north of Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine lies another ancient shrine painted red and encircled by a grove of old pine trees. The vermillion-lacquered Hinomisaki Shrine was built in honor of two sibling deities with a prominent presence in Japanese mythology; Amaterasu, the goddess of the sun, and her younger brother Susano, the god of storms and the sea. Thus, the shrine is divided into two parts – the Upper Shrine (Kami-no-miya) and Sunset Shrine (Hishizumi-no-miya).

Exploring the Hinomisaki Lighthouse

Japan’s tallest masonry lighthouse and ranked in the top 100 historic lighthouses in the world, Hinomisaki Lighthouse is one of the more unique sites in Shimane Prefecture. Situated in a quaint fishing village overlooking the rugged coastal terrain, this iconic guidepost towers 43 meters in height – 63 meters above sea level – and has been aiding maritime navigation since 1903.

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