Spooked in the Ghost town of Kitaro

Ride to Yonago

Getting down at Yonago

Outside Yonago

Lunch at Yonago

Waiting for train to Sakaiminato

Kitaro Family Train

Kitaro Family Train Seats

Getting down at Sakaiminato

Sakaminato Station

Sakaisuido Strait

Ferries at Sakaisuido Strait

Walking along Mizuki Shigeru Road

Meeting Shigeru Mizuki Cosplayer

Busts of characters from GeGeGe no Kitaro

Meeting Kitaro cosplayer


Mizuki Shigeru Museum

Manga, Illustrated books

Having some fun at Mizuki Shigeru Museum

More fun


Kitaro Art

Leaving museum, more busts on the road

Ghosts of Kitaro

Train to Yonago

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