Gassho Zukuri Villages of Ainokura and Shirakawa-go

Waking to a grey day

Toyama Station

Catching the train to Takaoka

Waiting for the Bus to Ainokura

On the way to Ainokura

Getting down at Ainokuraguchi Bus Stop

Walking to Ainokura

First views of Ainokura

Ainokura Village Preservation Foundation

Hiking to Ainokura Viewpoint

Ainokura viewpoint

View of Ainokura from viewpoint

Back in the village

Mani with a snowman

Ainokura Houses

Gassho houses in Ainokura

Souvenir from Ainokura

Ride to Shirakawa Go

Suganuma Village

Shirakawa Go

Gassho houses in Shirakawa

Mani and I in Shirakawa

Gassho houses in Shirakawa


Dusk setting on Shirakawa

Back in Toyama


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