Night view from Mt. Hakodate

Once the sun descends behind the mountains, the city of Hakodate comes alive like a sea of glittering jewels. Hakodate-shi as it is known locally is the capital city of Oshima Sub-prefecture in Hokkaido. The view from Mt. Hakodate is acclaimed as one of the three best night-views in Japan.

Hakodate wasn’t in our plans for this tour of Tohoku But as it happened, the weather in Aomori was totally drab and we didn’t want to waste a day brooding So armed with our JR Passes and in a spur of the moment thing, we just caught the train to Hakodate Why Hakodate? We did tour the incredible island of Hokkaido a couple of years back in 2016 It was a memorable trip whence we covered the beautiful snow covered areas of Sapporo, Otaru, Obihiro, Kushiro, Abashiri, Asahiyama and even Wakkanai But we missed out on Hakodate because of lack of time

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