Kofukuji Pagoda

The moonlit Kofuku-ji Pagoda

I walked down to Kofukuji today in the evening to catch the huge Pagoda with the moon rising behind it. The five-story structure(Gojunoto) is the second tallest Pagoda in all of Japan. Built in 725 AD by the Empress Komyoh and last rebuilt in 1426, it is also a UNESCO World Heritage listed site.

The walk to Nara walk is generally entertaining.

Sarusawa Pond

Kofuku-ji Pagoda from the front

Kofuku-ji Pagoda

Petting the deer near Kofuku-ji

Deer at Nara Park

Dusk begins to take over Kofuku-ji Pagoda

The kofuku-ji Pagoda in the evening

A close-up shot of Kofuku-ji Pagoda

Nan’en-dō, Kōfuku-ji

Read all about my walk to Kofukuji. If you are visiting Nara, you can also check out my day at the Nara Deer Park.


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