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Like most, I also want to save our dying planet, but I can see now the darkness that envelopes it will not allow it. We say we live in the times of peace. It is but an illusion as we sit over enough arsenal to destroy our planet 10 times over. So I go wandering and sharing stories of the beauty that still remains of this unique, unique planet.

U3 – the future of mobile computing

I just bought my second USB flash drive last week and boy was I impressed. The Kingston’s U3 DataTraveler smart drive offers more than just portable storage. It can also store and…

My Compaq Presario B1822TU

Check out this sleek and stylish, the Compaq Presario B1822 notebook I got. It’s incredibly lightweight and yet exceptionally powerful with the latest Intel technology. It is one of the smallest and…

The Art of Kaizen SEO – Craig Mazur

I just came across this very interesting article I had had to share. The author Craig Mazur talks about a traditional Eastern Philosophy originating from Japan. “Kaizen” is a Japanese philosophy of…

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