Sunrise at White Rann

I am back again at the zero point of Rann of Kutch and I cannot decided if I am disappointed or enthralled. The sea water has moved back into the salt mud-lands dissolving all the white salt. The visuals have changed completely from a couple of days before when I came here at sunset.

The landscape appears more like as if I am standing on the shores of the sea as I wait for the sun to rise. Only, the sea isn’t a mass of blue or for that matter green. Its is white!

Only a handful of people have made it to the sunrise. I am guessing to much festivities of last night when a popular Indian actress, Vidya Balan suddenly made her appearance at the Rann Utsav.

Towards the western side, the moon rides slowly into oblivion, but no one is interested. Everyone’s gaze are towards the purple sky that has already started to change colors every minute.

A huge three floor structure is standing at the edge of the zero-point. I set up my tripod on one of the platforms below the top floor, where there are no people. Everyone is at the top trying to get the best available viewpoint.

Because of the strong haze, we are able to see the first glimpse of the red ball of fire only after it has already risen a few degrees above the horizon.

After taking a few shots I climbed down the steps, intending to get closer to the edge of the water.

As the Sun goes higher, it casts a long reflection over the melted salt of the marsh . A group of Gujarati tourists break into a dance. It is hard to make out what they are singing, might be a recent bollywood song, but I bet they are just as thrilled as me, looking at the beautiful sunrise over the White Rann.

This is part of my experiences at the Rann Utsav. If you are interested in knowing more about how Rann Utsav can be a memorable experience for you, click here.

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