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Some of my awe-inspiring experiences as I wander about the unique & beautiful Earth.

Umikido Pavilion
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Photowalk to Ukimido Pavilion

While on my evening walk today, I dropped in at Ukimido Pavilion. Umikido is a hexagonal gazebo over the Sagiike Pond in an aloof area of Nara Park. During summer evenings the floating pavilion is illuminated and it feels very relaxing sitting in the center of the pond surrounded by enchanting lights.

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A stroll to Jozenji-dori

Jozenji-dori is the soul of Sendai, the city of trees. Zelkova trees line the boulevard on both sides for about 700 meters, running east to west through the heart of the city. We were double lucky to be there at the time of the Tanabata festival when the entire road leading to Jozenji-dori was filled with colorful Tanabata decorations.

Kenrokuen Garden
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The illuminated Kenrokuen Garden

Mani & I visit the lovely Kenroku-en garden in Kanazawa. In the dark winter evenings the garden is illuminated and the glowing trees, enveloped in the strings of Yuki-tsuri look ever so enchanting.

Nara Park
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A Walk through Nara Deer Park

We take a walk down Nara’s incredible Deer Park. The park is home to hundreds of freely roaming deers. Walk among the sweet younglings in the green meadows. And don’t forget to pack some Shika Senbei, They love em!

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