Sand Dunes of Nubra

Dunes of Nubra

Nubra is a cold desert at 10000 ft above sea level and the color of the sand is unlike anywhere in India. These dunes lie close to the Hunder village that sits like an oasis in the middle of the cold desert. The weather is not friendly here and it gets pretty cold once the Sun hides behind the clouds. The strong breeze keeps blowing the fine sands, reshaping them into new shapes.

On the way we passed Diskit Monastery

The Maitreyi Buddha near Diskit Monastery

A new day at Hunder Sarai Resort

A beautiful morning in Nubra

Sand Dunes near Hunder

Viki & Ranita at the sand dunes of Nubra

Rare to see green grass in these areas.

As the day passes, the winds pick up and create a kind of sand storm. You have to keep your mouth shut otherwise..

Ranita was kind to pose for some photos.

More photos of Ranita

Even though the sand was harsh, we did get some wonderful photos.

Time passed quickly ans soon the Sun was setting behind the mountains.

Dusk came soon

People were mostly gone by late evening and we walked around.

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